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The Passion of Passions. Playing a Telenovela.

Episode 04 -El Pasion de Stop, Hack & Roll

In this episode Brandon and James discuss their Powered by the Apocalypse hack/telenovela inspired game tentatively titled Pasión de los Pasiónes.


Jane the Virgin/Juana la Virgen

Ugly Betty/Yo Soy Betty La Fea

Lucha Underground

Additional Note: Brandon swept right past La Impostura without discussing it. This is a direct reference to La Impostura, a telenovela about a poor woman who has snuck into high society. He also switched El Policia to El Cabellero and added La Abuela in the work-week, but didn’t mention those swaps.


Romeo y Juliet: How Characters Line Up With Pasión de los Pasiónes

Pasión de los Pasiónes

Games mentions in this episode:

Apocalypse World


Noir World on Twitter

Masks: A New Generation

Urban Shadows


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